Smokey week blogging

Living in the Bay Area I sort of miss the pleasure of having snow days canceling school or work like in other areas of the country. But, thanks to the Camp Fire, my workplace sent everyone home! Unfortunately, I’d rather work this day over breathing the terrible air (AQI in the last week of 270!) and having forests burn with all the destruction and loss of life.

Gender Controversy Comes to Physics: A Response to the Statement against Alessondro Strumia, Strumia is a European physicist that gave an inflammatory talk at a CERN ‘women in physics’ conference. The outrage was predictable and this anonymous essay provides a good take on the drama.

lol, new paper on how implicit associations tests might increase implicit racial bias.

Interesting article on why young people are having less sex.

I’ve read a lot of articles (like this one) on how taking on capitalism is the way to fix the environment. These type of articles have a very “underpants Gnome”-quality to them since it is never spelled out how an alternative system is going to be better or why the examples we do have of non-capitalist states should be emulated (meaning communist countries had a pretty awful environmental track record).

The Left Case Against Open Borders

One of the things you see a lot in the ‘rationalist’-community is talk about the hypergamy of women. That is, women compete for the most valued men and leave a number of low status men without sexual partners thus creating a sexual unequal marketplace. This blogpost smartly questions that idea.


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