Short bits

Scott Aaronson reviews Brian Caplan’s book against education. Interesting throughout. I am not a fan of Caplan.

Stephen Bainbridge on diversity statements for academic jobs. I feel like these are political minefields for an applicant. I wonder if at some point tenure itself will have a diversity requirement.

How success breeds success in science Evidence that early career success carries forward in grant funding.

This Exec Got Her Start In Baggage Claim. Now She’s The VP Of The Largest Privately-Owned Airline: And her parents own the airline. I love to hate read these type of stories. For awhile in the NYT and WSJ you’d see a profile of a 20-something entrepeneur and just as you’re wondering how a 23 year old got access to all that capital you see the sentence, “the business was started with help from Mr. Big Shot of Big Shot Hedge Funds, Small Shot’s father.”


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